Hi there! Thanks for your interest in blogging for PromoNavi! Together, we’ll succeed in publishing great pieces of content.

If you’re experienced in Digital advertising and would like to share your expertise with marketers and business owners, we’d love to hear from you.

In this guide, you’ll find topics that we’re interested in, article requirements, and tips to become a blog contributor for us.

Who Is Our Blog For?

Our audience is Digital advertisers:

  • Beginner and advanced specialists
  • Marketers
  • Digital agency managers
  • Business owners who set up Digital campaigns by their own

Our typical reader already knows what a Digital advertising is, has at least some experience in Google Ads/Facebook Ads campaigns setting up, and needs tips to improve his/her skills.

What Types of Content Do We Accept?

These types of content are a priority for us:

Case Studies. Have you achieved high results while running your ads or were your results not as expected? Share your experience in Digital advertising. Tell us about your goals and KPI, the ways you’ve reached them, problems you’ve encountered, actual results, and so on.

Primarily, we value case studies on PromoNavi tools. If you’re using our tools, write about how they help you decide everyday tasks — with facts, screenshots, useful tips for our readers. Here is a questionnaire for a case study on the PromoNavi Recommendation Tools.

Guides and How-Tos. Do you have enough knowledge and experience to write about Digital advertising using simple and clear language? Please write an article and share it with our audience. We accept comprehensive guides with relevant examples, original graphics, and logical sequencing.

Examples of How-Tos and Guideposts:

15 Reasons Why Your Google Search Ads Are Not Effective

How to Save Your Google Ads Budget: 4 Fully Automated Tools

Experiments. Did you recently run a unique advertising experiment that had never been done before? Did your research yield fascinating insights? Write about it and send it to us. Your post should include hard data, actionable takeaways, and complete explanations of each step. Readers should be able to benefit from your experiment and have enough information to replicate it.

What Topics Do We Cover on our Blog?

Our readers are interested in topics, such as:

  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads advertising: setting up a campaign, bidding, targeting, remarketing, etc.
  • Google Ads/Facebook Ads automation: tools, automated rules, scripts, plugins, etc.
  • Analytics: approaches, tools, metrics, traffic tracking, etc.
  • Keyword collecting and grouping approaches.
  • Google Ads/Facebook Ads optimization: improving campaign structure, ad optimization, proper use of negative keywords, finding ineffective keywords, etc.
  • Marketing researching: audience research, competitor analysis, etc.
  • Landing page creation and optimization.

The Posts We Won’t Accept

We will not post:

  • Content that was published anywhere before us (we’re using Grammarly to check for plagiarism.)
  • Articles on topics covered on our blog before. Please search our site before submitting your articles.
  • Overoptimized with keywords and posts created only for link building.
  • Content that looks too promotional for your company, brand, or product.
  • Links to direct competitors of PromoNavi.
  • Content that’s offensive or inaccurate.
  • Material that looks more like a personal blog post rather than a professional article.
  • Overly critical positions of individuals or companies.

The PromoNavi blog editorial reserves the right to decline the article without a detailed explanation.

PromoNavi Blog Post Requirements

Check if your article complies with our editorial requirements:

  • Use this template to format your text.
  • Include no more than two links on your company or affiliated resource (blog, social profile, etc.) within the article.
  • We don’t limit the word quantity on the blog posts, but most articles should fall in the 1,000- to 2,000-word range. We consider that it’s better to over-explain an idea than under-explain it.
  • Your writing style should be accessible and clear. Use simple sentences instead of complex ones. Use your natural voice and avoid unnecessary filler words. And remember, the Active Voice is better than the Passive one.
  • Paragraphs should be no more than 3-5 sentences long and formatted using H2s, H3s, and H4s as needed.
  • Use bulleted and numbered lists to dilute your text visually.
  • Add quick links to simplify the article navigation.
  • Always add a conclusion. The best way to wrap up is to give a checklist.
  • When including images from third-party resources, add the link of the source page. The same rule applies to quotes, statistics, and research results.

How to Submit a PromoNavi Guest Blogging Post

You’ve already finished an article:

Send a Google Docs copy to blog@promonavigator.com. In the email subject line, enter “Guest post.”

You’ll receive feedback within two weeks. Rest assured, we answer every email!

Your article could be:

  • Applied
  • Declined
  • Declined with editorial suggestions

In the last case, you should edit remarks to post your article on our blog. We will not publish your article if you are not willing to make changes to your content.

Note! After applying content, we may edit your article to make it clearer without changing the general idea.

You don’t have an article yet, but you have some ideas and are ready to prepare the post:

Email us at blog@promonavigator.com. In the email subject line, enter “Guest post idea.” Attach the Google Docs file to the email with this info:

  • The topic you want to cover
  • Provide a draft Table of Contents
  • The data are you planning to use
  • Provide 2-3 examples of your previous articles

We’ll consider your suggestion and email you with our decision within two weeks.

Your Post is Applied. What’s Next?

We’ll ask you to send us author information:

  • Name and surname
  • Photo
  • Company name
  • Job position
  • Short description
  • Links to your personal social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn)

Also, we’ll inform you about the publication date.

After your post is on our blog, you could republish it wherever you want. But you have to add a short disclaimer at the end stating that it first appeared on the PromoNavi blog with a backlink to the original post.

We’re waiting for your posts and ideas. Share your experiences and knowledge with your potential customers. We are here to help you!