New PromoNavi Tools and Features to Improve Your Google Ads Campaigns

1. Introducing The Keyword Wrapper Tool

Promonavi February Updates

By popular demand, we’ve developed the Keyword Wrapper tool. The tool groups added keywords into 4 match types. As a result, you get separate lists of keywords in different match type combinations: Broad, Modified Broad, Phrase and Exact Match; Modified Broad, Phrase and Exact Match; Broad, Phrase and Exact Match; Phrase and Exact Match, etc. Optionally, the tool removes duplicates and special symbols, as well as converts keywords to lowercase.

Promonavi February Updates

The Competitor Analysis tool has a new feature that displays the competitors’ ads from all across the Display Network. To find the ads, type the competitor’s domain name in the field “Enter competitor URL” and choose “Display Ads”. For your convenience, the ads are listed in the table.

2. More Data in the Google Ads Reports Tool

Promonavi February Updates

Over the past month, we’ve added more analytics and charts to Google Ads Reports, as well as the ability to upload your logo. We are now testing the next version of Google Ads Reports. It will contain your competitor data and progress reports.

Some PromoNavi users will be selected to test the new Google Ads Reports version in the coming weeks. To become one of them, please contact us!

3. The Results Filtering in the Google Ads Recommendations Tool

Results Filtering

Results filtering is now available in several tools, including the Add Negative Keywords tool, Expand Your Keywords List tool and the Stop Ineffective Keywords tool. Configure filters for your tasks, and they will be available during the next login.

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